Computers and the Internet

FORTRAN 77 Reference

Although quite elderly as programming languages go, FORTRAN remains the pre-eminent 'number-crunching' lanuage with FORTRAN 77 widely used in legacy code throughout the world. Find out more about the details of this programming language.

Spam 'n' Scam

Are you sick and tired of getting unsolicited bulk email, most of which is advertising merchandise or web sites of dubious value, attempting to defraud you or infect your computer with malware? You are not alone. Find out what you can do to nip this odious practice in the bud.

HTML Resources

HyperText Markup Language is used by web browsers to turn text into formatted pages on your monitor. Learn the basics of HTML 3.2, get tips on accessible design and find all sorts of other useful information that will help you code your own web pages.

Pentium Floating-Point Speed Test

Have you ever wondered how fast your Pentium-based PC can perform scientific calculations? Use this handy test program (written in C and Intel assembler, for Linux) to measure your computer's megaflops rating.